Digital Marketing Strategy Program

Effective is the word, how to earn respect by doing what is right when it comes to digital marketing strategies, opinions and ideas are not strategies.

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Why is it that some people are able to make amazing strategies and others are grappling with it. Why some strategies give amazing results than those of the others. Are you using opinion as a strategy or are you using the structure to plan a solid strategy that may churn results? The knowledge that you possess makes a big difference.

Digital is very powerful provided used correctly. The biggest challenge is the vastness it offers. One can spend the whole year working on various things but get very little result or spend some limited time on few selected areas to get exception results. Also it offers few things which other marketing channels may not offer like niche-group branding, research just before sales (some industries have 80%+ market here) etc. Some of it is very critical for SMEs.

We have trained over 2500 business leaders and marketing professionals as of today and the transformation has been substantial. It’s all because of a structured digital marketing roadmap with a definite goals and outcomes.

Get a taste of what it means to possess powerful, logical structural thinking in digital to leverage its potential for business growth. Here are the training highlights:

  • Learn frameworks that will help you choose the right mix of digital channels
  • Learn to choose a compelling Call To Action for every TG-Channel set
  • Formulate a ROI driven strategy with the 12+ strategy components
  • Design ads for different channels, target group and buyer stages
  • Learn to optimize landing pages that can get 20-30% better conversions
  • 1:4:12 rule of budgeting: Learn to manage your budget like a pro
  • Learn about the 4 digital markets and how everything falls under it
  • Tools that are critical for research, content, automation, design & analysis
  • Core marketing principles and how it impacts your digital marketing
  • Learn to conduct digital marketing reviews in the right way
  • How to have the right mix of people in the team and agencies and much more..

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Your Instructor

Aji Issac Mathew
Aji Issac Mathew

Aji is the CEO of Indus Net TechShu - one of the largest digital marketing agencies in India. With Indus Net & Indus Net TechShu, the overall team size is 700+, catering small to large enterprises over two dozen industries globally. A Google Premier Partner with a global focus and presence.

With over 16 years of experience in high-end digital marketing, Aji is considered a thought leader in the industry. Aji started his career in product development. A programmer and a digital marketer, Aji knows how to blend Tech & Marketing to achieve the right business goals. Aji is a visiting faculty at some of the top Indian and International business schools including XLRI, IIFT, MDI, UPH Jakarta etc. He is also the CEO, Co-founder of which trains Business leaders, Marketing Professionals, and Marketing Students on creating ROI-focussed digital marketing strategies.

Aji has delivered keynote speeches at the House of Lords, UK; India-UK Business Summit in London; and various events across the globe. He is also passionate about new-age HR, problem-solving and learning on how to learn in the digital era. He is very active on LinkedIn, you can connect with him to get infected with his passion and energy.

Course Curriculum

  MODULE 12 - Case discussions, Q&A, readings and more (Other topics of interest)
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