Why marketers fail?

This is one of the must videos for all marketers.

Often the marketers fall in love with marketing, campaigns, ideas etc, that is temporary, right marketing is a about falling in love with your customers and business goals. One who is excited about promotional elements but not interesting in talking to customers etc is bound to have a shorter interesting career. Why Sachin or any sports person was excited for so long? they were not just interested in batting, they were interested in the outcome of it, the enjoyed the outcome else what is there in batting, it is the same boring thing again and again. It is about scoring better. So as a marketing professional, you job is not to do the activities but to improve the score, enjoy improving the score and keeping the stake holders happy, thats where the true game is played.

Reading material

  1. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/in/resources/quickbooks-business-of-the-week/follow-home-oneten/ , how Scott Cook made their products better by introducing a concept called "follow the customer home"